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Visavi user scenario: Turnaround Execution control

16. November 2022

Familiar with plans that are outdated as soon as they are printed?

During major maintenance turnarounds, a very common practice is to use large, printed copies of various parts of the turnaround plan to help manage, monitor, and control the many ongoing activities simultaneously at the plant(s). What if you could have all this information and data gathered in a live, interactive, and intuitive view?

Visavi digitalizes all this by creating a collaborative environment where plans are continuously updated, progress being monitored and statuses of activities on the critical path made readily available. This makes it easier to coordinate and utilize the workforce and resolve any issue that arises during execution to ensure high plan attainment.

If a technician is not able to complete a planned job, he or she will quickly update the status on this activity, and it is automatically and instantly visible in Visavi. So instead of having to continually print new plans because of new information and unforeseen events that affect the plan, Visavi provides a live, intuitive and interactive visualization of all the necessary information that may affect the execution of planned activities. Always updated and accessible for everyone.


Some of the key features in Visavi for this user scenario are:

  • Weather forecast and wind speed

  • Identify capacity conflicts

  • Area maps with work orders

  • See locations where there are degraded safety barriers

  • Update activity status

  • Deep linking into other systems (for more advanced changes)

  • Share your scenarios with Visavi's smart links

Learn how to share any view and filter setup with colleagues so they can take a look at their end.


Want to see it in practice? Check out our demo video and learn how Visavi supports different users and situations.