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Visavi user scenario: Shop floor execution

4. November 2022

With constant changes in plans due to new information or unforeseen events, sharing information and coordination are common challenges for shop floor execution. In addition to being a system for scheduling and planning, Visavi also supports the maintenance teams executing the work. 

All internal and external staff working with maintenance, production or project activities, can and should have access to Visavi. These roles use the solution for better coordination across activities, disciplines and locations. Technicians and operators can update status of “their” activities or work directly in Visavi to ease the status reporting and make it a continuous process. When this is done, it also writes back the updated status to the source systems so that everyone gets an updated and correct picture of current activity status. This way, everyone in the organization always has a live view of what is happening, regardless of location and function.


Visavi is also used to manage “opportunity jobs”, which reduces idle time and improves workday efficiency. A technician or operator who has completed a task and has idle time, can pick jobs from the list of “opportunity jobs” to work on. The staff gets a good overview over work permits and safety barriers. This will significantly improve workforce utilization and plan attainment as well as collaboration and situational awareness.