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Visavi user scenario: Shared situational awareness display

4. October 2022

Existing Visavi customers also use Visavi as dedicated “walk-by screens” in public areas to enable increased situational awareness. Here, anyone passing by can quickly get an overview of the activities planned to take place at the various areas of the asset, at any given time. Especially the visualization of active work permits enables everyone to be aware of safety issues and hazards that can significantly reduce the risk of unwanted HSSE events.

Learn how improved situational awareness had led to safer and more efficient operations offshore for Neptune Energy.

In the below demo you'll see how Visavi is used as a public display strategically placed in a social zone to allow a wide range of users to keep an eye on status, progress and plans just by walking by. With very little effort, people can pick up information they need to prepare and coordinate their activities. Using Visavi as a shared awareness display like this secures a common reference and can even reduce the need for meetings and other formal ways of sharing info. 


Key features in Visavi for this scenario are:

  • Visualization of active work permits

  • Integrated real-time data such as the weather forecast and wind speed

  • Area and capacity conflicts

  • Common colour codes


Demo video: Walk-up display in common area

HubSpot Video


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