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Visavi user scenario: Plan preparation and scheduling

27. September 2022

Project management and planning systems such as Microsoft Project (MS Project), Primavera, Safran are central in job preparation and scheduling. But such systems are inadequate for efficient sharing and collaborating with all the important stakeholders beyond the planners.

The planning/scheduling process optimizes the plan schedule through balancing work-scope, crew capacities and availability of equipment, supporting tools and other constraints. With traditional tools it is challenging to get a consolidated overview and align all the different planning domains and related information such as work permits (control of work), available resources and other constraints for an optimized schedule for the work/activities planned.

Visavi integrates with workorder systems, project planning systems, work permit systems and other relevant data-sources and lets the scheduler(s) identify conflicts in the original plans caused by the various constraints – such as area conflicts arising when several operations/activities are planned at the same location at the same time. The scheduler(s) can make changes directly in the consolidated plan available in Visavi and update the integrated source system directly. This significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the plan scheduling process.

In the below demo video you'll see how a scheduler who is responsible for assembling plans and scheduling jobs for next week and beyond use Visavi to finalize an integrated schedule. 


Demo video: Scheduler finalizing integrated schedule:

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