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Visavi user scenario: Morning and Afternoon meetings

29. September 2022

Morning and Afternoon meetings are on site routine status and review meetings. Daily morning meetings prepare teams for todays’ planned work at the various areas of the facility. Afternoon meetings track status of work done today and assess the readiness of tomorrow’s planned work where, if necessary, any last changes can be made. Visavi can make the preparation and execution of both types of meetings more effective.

Maintenance work is seldom or never executed at the time it was originally planned because unforeseen events like crew illness, delayed materials or tools, work permits not being approved on time, undiscovered SIMOPs conflicts and unfavorable weather conditions. Traditional systems and practices are too slow and cumbersome to support the frequent adaptation of execution plans required to respond to a highly dynamic reality, which means a great deal of “accepted waste” in operations. It is therefore a significant value that Visavi brings by sharing an always updated “live plan” with all involved stakeholders and enabling plan adaptions to be made directly during the meetings. Key features in Visavi for these scenarios are:

  • 3 days view

  • Weather forecast and wind speed

  • Area maps with work orders

  • Safety icons

  • See locations where there are degraded safety barriers

  • Update activity status

  • Deep linking into other systems (for more advanced changes)

Below are two demo videos showing how Visavi is used by various roles in these two different routine meetings. You'll meet a Maintenance Manager; Electrical Lead; Mechanical Lead; Operations Manager; and HSE Lead.

In the first demo video you'll see how Visavi help the team prepare safe and efficient execution of today's planned work. Visavi's 3-days view is therefore the ideal view for this purpose, as this view provides an overview over jobs completed yesterday as well as what is planned for tomorrow. During this meeting it is very handy that Visavi shows external factors such as the weather forecast, wind speed, temperature and more so that the representatives in the meeting can confirm that it is safe to continue the planned jobs. You'll see how no manual preparations are required up front, and how the meeting execution itself is highly efficient.  


Demo video: Morning meeting

HubSpot Video


In the second demo you'll see Visavi used in a quick afternoon status meeting where the team keeps the schedule updated based on what has happened during the day and to support the next day's work preparation.


Demo video: Afternoon status meeting

HubSpot Video


Want to explore Visavi yourself? Access our free demo site here.