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Visavi user scenario: Local handling of unplanned events

28. September 2022

Unforeseen events that require a plan to be modified on short notice are not uncommon in complex operations. Local teams can handle unforeseen issues and unplanned events effectively by using Visavi as an arena to bring together key stakeholders, experts, technicians, and operators. Here short-term plan modifications can be done “on the fly”, and the impact of the changes under consideration can be seen directly - whether it is an area conflict, availability of resources or other constraints, and there is even support for exploring different plan scenarios before making a decision. Key features in Visavi for this scenario are:

  • Rescheduling with scenarios.

  • The ability to deep link into 3rd apps from Visavi.

  • Revised schedule in Visavi is automatically written back into the source system.


Visavi is an intuitive collaboration arena that really supports local ad-hoc handling of unplanned events and new information, where a small team gathers to quickly get an overview and take swift action. In the below demo video you'll see how Visavi empowers the people responsible for execution to quickly modify their current plan in response to new information that requires the plan to be modified on short notice. Here you'll meet a Technician and a Discipline Lead who must update the plan and can do that safely and efficiently without involving specialists.


Demo video: Ad-hoc meeting due to unforeseen events

HubSpot Video


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