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Visavi user scenario: Integrated Operations control

15. November 2022

Visavi is also often deployed in Integrated Operations centers alongside with operations and production control solutions. For offshore installations, Visavi provides a continuous overview of People on Board (PoB) and visualizes any accommodation capacity issues – or opportunities. An operations center operator will immediately see if there is accommodation capacity for inviting for instance OEMs maintenance crew to come to the site for performing maintenance tasks. This gives the operations centre staff the opportunity to improve operational efficiency by utilizing the capacity and available resources.

In this scenario, Visavi supports the operations center staff to easily coordinate the workforce and resolve any issue that arises during execution of plans. 


 Key features in Visavi for this scenario are:

  • Area and capacity conflicts

  • Capacity curves

  • Area maps with work orders

  • See locations where there are degraded safety barriers

  • Update activity status

  • Visualization of active work permits

  • Integrated real-time data such as the weather forecast and wind speed
  • Deep linking into other systems for more advanced changes (e.g. operations and production control solutions)

Watch our demo video to see how Visavi is used by different roles to improve everyday efficiency in various situations.

Want to explore Visavi yourself? Access our free demo site here.