What is Visavi?

Operations are challenging. Plans and schedules become outdated. Resource availability changes. Environmental conditions vary. 

Front line teams deal with these challenges first-hand.  Management experience sub-optimal plan adherence, excessive maintenance costs, and degraded HSSE performance.

Visavi integrates all relevant planning and execution data onto one interactive game board, adding layers of live re-planning functionality, automated schedule optimization algorithms and much more. 

You get full visibility and control over plans and associated data, increasing shared situational awareness at the facility.

You can optimize your day to day production and maintenance operations.

Your operational efficiency increases significantly reducing cost and improving HSSE.

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The Value of Visavi

  • Up to 30% increased utilization of floor staff
  • Increased tool time by 20-30%  

  • Increase plan attainment to 80-90% 

  • Reduced Risk & Improved HSSE 

  • Reduced down-time

  • Increase production by 5-7%

  • Improved situational awareness

  • Reduced energy consumption

Visavi gives you the full overview and is the natural information hub and arena encouraging collaboration across all teams, levels and locations.

Our clients report significant savings, improved resource utilization and secured HSSE-goals.

Presents a common view of current planning. You will experience more efficient re-planning. This results in increased productivity and significant cost reductions. 

Visavi has a role independent and user-friendly interface.

How to Use Visavi

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Visavi pulls key data out of “silo” systems and integrates the data visually on a large touch screen for easy access and sharing. It gives you a complete overview of all pertinent details and makes coordination and collaboration simpler.

By integrating and visualizing all planned operations with interactive, instant updates, your business will be brought to the next level of efficiency.

Killer Features

Area conflict indicator

Alarm when mutually excluding planned activities are scheduled simultaneously in the same area.

Filtering panel

Drill-down functionality giving clear overviews for specific work-orders, eg within an area, a discipline, a technical system or in a time period.

Resource curves

Intuitive and live visualization of individual resource utilization which clearly show you bottlenecks and effects of re-planning.

Rescheduling with scenarios

This makes it possible to re-plan, move jobs and play with different scenarios while also visualizing resource constraints directly.

The Technology

Azure Cloud
Supporting both on and off premise.

Web application
Deployable in any browser.

Flexible modules
Scalable and configurable to meet the needs of each customer.

Any data sources
Fetches data from any source type or infrastructure.

Touch screen
Designed for touch screens with rich graphics and touch-optimized interaction.

Adaptable sources
Hosted in cloud-based technologies, or as self-hosted in a more traditional environment.

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Visavi helps improve maintenance and operations for Neptune Energy

Neptune Energy has been able to improve their workplace safety and achieve one of the most effective utilization rates in the North Sea with Visavi – even contributing to lower costs per barrel of oil.

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“We use Visavi to achieve better communication to perform more efficient maintenance”

Borregaard has one of the world’s most advanced and sustainable biorefineries. By using natural, sustainable raw materials, Borregaard produces advanced and environmentally friendly biochemicals that can replace oil-based products. Borregaard use Visavi in their day-to-day maintenance.

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