Repsol Sinopec

"Visavi Live has already proven to make work plans more visible for everyone."

Claymore is a large two- platform installation in the UK sector developed in 1977. The operator Repsol Sinopec Resources UK is actively working on a large maintenance and modification program on the field. LIVE has been installed on this large and complex operation as a tool to get a full overview of all activities and obtain optimal priorities.  The LIVE installation on Claymore is the first outside of Norway and has been key for Visavi to gain experience with the software used, work processes and operating conditions in the UK sector.

Carlos Montero, Head of Maintenance in Repsol Sinopec Resources UK, explains that LIVE has already proven to make work plans more visible for everyone involved and will help to achieve increased efficiency. The use of LIVE is directing efforts to our highest priorities based on risk.

“The visualization of the data has resulted in data quality and process improvements leading to systems integration, performance and work execution delivery. LIVE is considered to be a new innovation and lends itself to the collaborative environments, helping offshore and onshore teams work to the same goals,” Carlos Montero.