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Visavi exhibited at The Modification Conference 2022

29. April 2022

Visavi exhibited at The Modification Conference (Modifikasjonskonferansen) at Clarion Air Sola in Stavanger on 26 April – 27 April. This was also the 25th anniversary of the conference, which has been arranged since 1997.

The Modification Conference is a networking arena for operators, key suppliers and specialist suppliers related to offshore, onshore and energy production and distribution in the energy sector. The purpose of the conference is to update this segment on projects and technology contributing to long-term sustainable development.


Visavi_stand_MOD2022Visitors could try the Visavi demo on a touch screen at Visavi's stand at The Modification Conference.

From Visavi, Evy Eikås, Product Specialist and William Ford, Segment Director Energy attended the conference together with 218 other delegates and 25 speakers.

“Excellent guest speakers presenting relevant topics in the Energy sector. It was great meeting people face to face and demonstrating how Visavi can help people in their day-to-day operations”, says William Ford, Segment Director Energy at Visavi after the event.

As the global demand for green energy is pressuring the Oil & Gas industry, this conference also focused on initiatives and opportunities in renewables (wind). As Visavi is an industry-independent solution it is important to be aware of new initiatives and projects in this sector as well.

“A common reflection highlighted in various presentations was the importance of collaboration and the trend of operators and contractors now working more as integrated teams. Our solution, Visavi, completely supports this way of working, as it promotes information sharing across roles and disciplines by encouraging the entire organization to participate and use the solution. In order to understand the real value of Visavi, it is key to try the solution so it is great that we finally can exhibit at physical conferences like this again”, says Evy Eikås, Product Specialist at Visavi.

To sum up, this was two inspirational and educational days with relevant discussions and presentations focusing on innovation and sustainability within the O&G and Energy industry.


Sola_27april2022The Modification Conference 2022 was held at beautiful Sola in Stavanger, Norway and  just a short walk to this spectacular view.


Hilde Bull-Engelstad