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Product update March 2023

29. March 2023

This post gives you a summary of releases recently made available in our solution.

Note that some of the new features will require configuration changes in your specific customer tenant. This will be specified below.

News & improvements

Visual experience

To make the product more accessible, we have increased the font sizes and adjusted the contrast levels to make it more readable.

This affects timeline items, detail views, timeline groups, and filter panels.

Some examples of changes:

Filter behavior and “too many open groups” error

If the user extends the height limitations by opening too many timeline groups there will be displayed a warning message. We have adjusted the color of the warning message from orange to blue. 

We have also adjusted the behavior of the timeline groups when filtering. Previously the timeline groups automatically were expanded when the user did filter actions, but now the end user needs to open the groups manually.

The reason for this is to give the end-user total control of the actions taking place instead of automatic behavior.

Expand/collapse all timeline groups

We have added buttons to expand/collapse all timeline groups. This gives the user the ability to expand or collapse timeline groups with one click.

This requires configuration to be enabled.


Changed the color of the clock line

The line indicating the time of day in the timeline view is changed to green to make it more accessible. 

New filter panels

We have released new types of filter panels to give the user a more responsive design and at the same time more relevant information.

To enable the new filter panels some configuration on your customer tenant is required

The panels will expand/collapse automatically based on the available space


The filter panel will display information about the clicked filter


The filter panel will display information about active filters


Bug fixes

URL Sharing/smart links 

Fixed issue to include area map selection in link.


Fixed issue with duplicate results and selection of item in timeline.


Removed the hour calculation in re-scheduling mode when result = 0.

Detail view button

Fixed issue with detail view button disappearing from time to time.

Kenneth Ådalen