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Product Update: Update status on your activities in Visavi

7. September 2022

In close collaboration with our customers we have identified the following areas of improvement in today's Visavi solution:

  • Hard to get a precise and updated overview of status on ongoing and planned activities
  • Unnecessary many clicks and tedious process to update status in CMMS systems
  • Too many systems needed to complete the workflow related to update of activity status

Therefore, we have now released a new feature which gives our customers super powers to tackle the concerns listed above.

Get a live, intuitive and interactive overview of your progress.
By using color codes and icons to indicate different statuses and criticality of your planned work you get a quick picture of your current progress. The color codes is customisable and can be set to the colors your company prefer. 

This overview is typically used in morning meetings where you walk through the planned activities for the day or in an afternoon meeting where the focus is on what has been completed and not.

Example of configuration in Visavi. Colors are customizable.


labelsColor coding and status icon legend

In addition to the powerful overview we now offer a simple and effective way to update status on activities. It writes back the updated status to the source systems and gives you an updated and correct picture of your current plan status. 

See demo video of the new feature:

HubSpot Video



Are you interested in this or other features in Visavi, please contact us and we can set up a call.


Kenneth Ådalen