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Save time and improve collaboration with Visavi’s “Smart Links”

27. October 2022

Visavi's “Smart Links” enable you to share views with colleagues and bookmark frequently used filters to save time and work more efficiently.

Frequent changes require regular re-planning. Then it can be very handy to get a review by colleagues. When unplanned events occur and the plan must be modified ad-hoc, we might need instant feedback. With our product feature “Smart Links” you can share a specific view with colleagues with just one click. In our short demo video below, we show you how easily this can be done.


Smart Links Feature Demo: "Share a situation with colleagues"

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Nothing is more frustrating than losing saved work and sometimes we need to evaluate several plans in parallel. Visavi’s “Smart Links” allow you to save detailed views and bookmark them so that you can compare and evaluate different plans for various areas at the same time - or just save the view for later. See how in the demo below.


Smart Links Feature Demo: "Bookmark Smart Links for personal use"

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Are you interested in this or other features in Visavi, please contact us and we'll set up a call at a suitable time. You can also access our demo site to explore the different features in Visavi on your own at any time.