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Visit to Statoil

26. April 2018

Borregaard visited Statoil in Bergen to share and learn about the two companies’ experiences with data driven operations and their digitization effort. The two companies realised that there are a lot of similarities between the operations of the offshore platforms and the Borregaard plant in Sarpsborg.  Terje Rudlende, Head of Improvement Group, demonstrated how Borregaard is using Visavi’s LivePlan in their day to day maintenance operations.


Terje Rudlende is showing some of the rescheduling capabilities in LivePlan used by Borregaard


Bernt Tysseland, VP Data Driven Operations in Statoil’s Digital Centre of Excellence and his team had a lot of questions about how the LivePlan solution was implemented in Borregaard, and Terje explained by showing some of the different functionalities. LivePlan is designed for large touch screens and is an optimal arena for interdisciplinary collaboration. You have all plans and plan-related data on one surface.


Statoil Digilab in Bergen, a perfect arena to present VISAVI LivePlan.

Karoline Andreassen