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Visavi’s approach to COVID-19

17. March 2020

At Visavi, we are deeply concerned by the global outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 and we have taken all measures to maintain stable operations whilst safeguarding all our employees from getting and spreading the virus. Therefore, we do not expect any of our customers or solutions to be affected.

We have taken precautionary measures as described below:

1. Daily work and operations

  • We have asked all our employees to work from home and provided them with the necessary tools.
  • All scheduled meetings, internal as well as external, will be held online.
  • We have cancelled all physical appointments.
  • We no longer allow external guests into our facilities.

2. Travel

  • We have cancelled all business travels
  • Employees returning from travel must work from home 14 days.
  • We recommend that our employees do not travel for leisure
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