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Visavi implements industry leading software solution Visavi Live at the Marcellus and Block-57 assets operated by Repsol

11. March 2021

Oslo, Norway, March 08, 2021:

Visavi entered into a frame agreement with Spanish based operator Repsol earlier this year. The scope of the agreement is to deliver the industry leading software solution Visavi to some Repsol assets in the Americas, with optional extensions to other locations. The implementation is now operational at the Marcellus Field operations in up-state New York (USA) and Block-57 Field operations in Peru.

“We were excited to be chosen and have worked hard to provide Visavi Integrated Activity Planning & Scheduling Solutions for Marcellus. We look forward to the next projects. Our software solution Visavi brings the plans and schedules to life across operational silos and allows operators and leaders to visualize, collaborate and interact with operations realtime”, said Are Føllesdal Tjønn, CEO of Visavi.

“Integrated Planning and Scheduling is one of the key functionalities in Repsol Operations Centers (OCs). Once workflows and roles & responsibilities were in practice, we required a solution to support this functionality. We evaluated recent developments in digital solutions to take this to the next level. We have high expectations that Visavi will generate value and increase our operational efficiency in support of our objectives”, Tony O’Sullivan, Production Operations Manager (IOC lead) at Repsol Marcellus asset.

“In complex environments, coordinating activities between areas plays a vital role in daily operations. Our team constantly strives to make use of resources in the most cost-effective way, guaranteeing the optimal operation of the asset and complying with our Safety and Environment policies. We hope Visavi will be a cornerstone in the planning and scheduling workflows within the asset, leveraging advanced visualization and data integration to optimize our operations from planning to execution”, Pablo Velasquez, Production Operations Manager (IOC lead) at Repsol Block-57 asset in Peru.

About Visavi:

Visavi provides software and services enabling collaboration and optimization of maintenance and turnaround processes, primarily for the energy and process industry. Visavi and its products are key enablers for the digitizing agenda in the industry. Visavi creates added value from existing IT investments through connecting existing data and work processes from the entire organization in a completely new way.

Visavi is a spin-off company from the NTNU Research Centre of Integrated Operations and the Institute for Energy Technology. The company was founded by experts on advanced visualization and collaboration design for complex organizations from world-leading research communities. Visavi has been developed in close collaboration with industry leaders and the solution is in active use with more than 1000 active users across the North Sea, onshore US, in South America and in continental Europe.

Visavi creates real-time visualization of all operational workflows and streamlines them into one simple, human-centric interface. For any complex operation, in any industry.

For more information about Visavi, visit visavi.com.

For more information about Repsol S.A., visit www.repsol.com.