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Visavi awarded contract for implementing Visavi across Repsol Sinopec UK offshore Oil and Gas assets

2. September 2021

Skøyen, Norway, September 03 2021

Repsol Sinopec UK has awarded Visavi a contract for implementing Visavi across their UKCS offshore Oil and Gas assets. Visavi is enabling optimization of maintenance and turnaround processes.

Most operators of oil and gas assets face the ever-increasing challenge of coordinating and collaborating across many different areas of expertise and functional areas in planning and execution of activities and task related to maintaining and upgrading industrial assets while keeping asset availability as high as possible. 



Piper Platform, Repsol Sinopec UK


“After a successful pilot for Repsol Sinopec’s Claymore offshore platform, we are very pleased and humble with being awarded the contract for implementing Visavi across Respol Sinopec’s Oil & Gas facilities on the UK continental shelf. This contract demonstrates Repsol Sinopec’s advances in utilizing new and innovative technology and solutions for improving their safety performance at the same time as it is improving their operating performance and reducing operating cost”, says Visavi CEO, Are Føllesdal Tjønn.


“We are very pleased to enter a close relationship with Visavi. As this solution visualizes all of our operational planning data in one live system, we will easily be able to re-plan. With Visavi we have an ambition to increase equipment reliability and operational efficiency by optimizing resource planning and usage", says Andrew Birkenshaw, Head Of Operations Services at Repsol Sinopec UK.



Are Føllesdal Tjønn, CEO, Visavi
Ph.: +47 415 39 750


About Visavi

Visavi is a cloud-based solution for optimization of workflows, logistics, planning and execution of work orders and activities related to operations and maintenance of industrial facilities. Visavi optimizes resources, secure HSSE and reduces operating cost. The solution creates added value from your existing IT investment through connecting data and utilizing advanced algorithms for optimizing plans and logistics across disciplines. The results are significant increase in productivity, decreased risk and reduced cost.

Visavi is R&D-based and its founders are experts on man – machine interactions and advanced visualization. Visavi is developed in close collaboration with industry leaders and the solution is in use across the world.

Visavi’s vision is to make business operations safer, greener, and more efficient.

For more information about Visavi and the results of the solution, visit visavi.com.


About Repsol Sinopec UK

Repsol Sinopec UK is an oil and gas exploration and production company operating in the North Sea. The company is a joint venture between Repsol and Sinopec. It arose from the acquisition, in 2015, by Repsol, of the global assets of the former Talisman Energy Inc, including its 51% equity interest in the joint venture, previously called Talisman Sinopec Energy UK. Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Repsol Sinopec has interests in 48 fields, of which they operate 38, on the UK Continental Shelf with 11 offshore installations (ten fixed and one floating) and two onshore terminals - at Flotta in Orkney and at Nigg in the Cromarty Firth.

Visit repsolsinopecuk.com for more information about the company and its operations.


Claymore-2Claymore Platform, Repsol Sinopec UK


Repsol Sinopec_Visavi