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Digitalization in the Bioeconomy

2. April 2018

Visavi Technology participated at Bioekonomiriksdagen 2018,  21-22 of March in Karlstad, Sweden. Bioekonomiriksdagen is a yearly conference that gathers politicians, academia and the industry to discuss the future of the Swedish bioeconomy. We were invited by Paper Province, this year’s host of the event. Paper Province is a business cluster facilitating forest-based industry on both sides of the Norwegian-Swedish border.

Bioeconomy, that is, an economy that are based on biotechnology and renewable biological resources such as wood, is expected to grow substantially in the coming years, and biomass is foreseen to substitute fossile fuels over a wide range of applications; “Biomass is the new oil” was one of the bold statements.

Biorefineries will be at the center of the new bioeconomy. We are therefore very excited that Borregaard, “the most advanced biorefinery in the world,” has chosen to use LivePlan to improve their maintenance processes.

Evy Eikås