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New partnership established to support global growth ambitions and foster safer and more efficient operations for industrial assets in APAC

14. December 2021

Visavi has entered a partnership with Red Basket Corporation Co., Ltd. in Thailand, to sell and implement Visavi on industrial assets in APAC.

“In an ever-increasing complexity of the value-chain involved in maintaining and operating industrial plants, removing waste and ensuring safety and efficiency are critical success factors. Based on our setup in Singapore, we are establishing partnerships in several locations to secure successful implementation of the Visavi-solution in APAC. We consider Red Basket an excellent partner with broad experience and growth ambitions that matches our global strategy”, says Visavi CEO, Are Føllesdal Tjønn.

This new partnership will mainly support Visavi’s subsidiary in Singapore and strengthen the presence of Visavi in APAC.

“As we are expanding into other industries, we are pleased to establish a partnership with Visavi. Resource utilization, plan attainment and unplanned events are common challenges for larger operations regardless of the industry. It is critical to have a complete overview of the entire operation to optimize cost and resource utilization. As Visavi is an industry-independent solution, we believe that this will enable us to enter a variety of new industrial segments and cultivate more efficient operations within the region”, says Paradee Chamusri, Managing Director, Red Basket



Are Føllesdal Tjønn, CEO , Visavi . Mob.: +47 415 39 750, Email: are.follesdal.tjonn@visavi.com 


About Visavi

Visavi provide cloud-based solutions for optimization of workflows, logistics, planning and execution of workorders and activities related to operations and maintenance of industrial facilities. Visavi optimizes resources, improves HSSE and reduces operating cost. We create added value from your existing IT investment through connecting data and utilizing advanced algorithms for optimizing plans and logistics across disciplines. The results are significant increase in productivity, decreased risk and reduced cost.

Visavi is R&D-based and our founders are experts on enabling individuals and organizations to solve problems through human centric visualization and simplifying complex tasks. Visavi is developed in close collaboration with industry leaders and the solution is in use across the world.

Visavi’s vision is to make business operations safer, greener, and more efficient.

Please visit visavi.com for additional information about the company and the results of Visavi.


About Red Basket

Red Basket is an affiliate company of SSC Integration Co., Ltd. (SSCI). SSCI was established on July 1st 2003 focusing on selling, implementing and servicing of data management, information management and knowledge management as well as defining tools to integrate all those functions together for best return on investment for our customers.

Sensing the growing demand for good software solutions from the oil and gas market in Thailand back in 2013, the shareholder of SSCI incorporated Red Basket in June 2014 to address that demand. We are very proud that Red Basket is now known as a software solution provider that serves the oil and gas industry in Thailand.

Please visit redbasket.co.th for more information about the company.