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Make instant changes, align plans, and update your source systems simultaneously

23. December 2022

With Visavi's reschedule feature, you can instantly make changes to plans as well as update various source systems at the same time. Why update and work in several systems, when you can do your job much quicker from one intuitive and interactive system?

There are constant factors affecting plans related to operations and maintenance. Many complex systems are also involved in such planning and in the execution of planned work. At Visavi, we believe that simplicity beats complexity. In the Visavi solution, one can easily align plans and update activities from different systems - also in paralell. Rescheduling in Visavi makes it possible to act instantly to sudden changes, move activities around, and update your source systems simultaneously.  Resource constraints and other live data such as the weather forecast are also visualized in the same view, which is very handy when approving changes proposed by others.


Check out our demo video explaining this product feature and includes different use cases:


Visavi product feature video: Reschedule

HubSpot Video


Are you interested in this or other features in Visavi, please contact us and we'll set up a call at a suitable time. You can also access our demo site to explore the different features in Visavi on your own at any time.