Aker BP streamlines planning with LivePlan

Aker BP ASA has signed an agreement with Visavi Technology AS to streamline operational planning using LivePlan. LivePlan retrieves data from multiple sources using Cognite Data Fusion. The data is compiled on an integrated work surface that is interactive and dynamic, allowing you to get a better overview and optimize your activities.

Key data from work orders, plan activities, weather forecasts and logistics are obtained from the various “silo” systems through Cognite Data Fusion and presented on an interactive, digital work surface. This gives you a good overview of all ongoing and planned activities, and the operational efficiency will increase without compromising on safety. LivePlan has recently been delivered for Valhall and Ula. The system will be implemented for Ivar Aasen, Skarv and Alvheim during the second quarter of 2019.

Svenn K. Forfang, VP Operations – Improvement & Performance in Aker BP, and Jon Stærkebye, CEO  Visavi

We look at Visavi’s technology as very interesting in connection with the ongoing digitization projects in Aker BP. Our goal with LivePlan is to increase the quality of our plans and streamline the implementation of our activity set. This will mean saved costs and improved HSE, says Svenn K. Forfang, VP Operations – Improvement & Performance in Aker BP.

This is an important contract for us, says Jon Stærkebye, CEO of Visavi. He emphasizes Aker BP’s drive to develop and implement new digital technology to streamline the operation of the company’s operations on the Norwegian shelf. He also states that the collaboration with Cognite has contributed to the actual implementation of new fields being carried out within 2-3 weeks. Which must be considered very fast for such advanced software solutions as LivePlan.