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    Visavi exhibited at The Modification Conference 2022

    Visavi exhibited at The Modification Conference (Modifikasjonskonferansen) at Clarion Air Sola in Stavanger on 26 April – 27 April. This was also the 25th anniversary of the conference, which has been arranged since 1997.

    We’re hiring!

    At Visavi Technology we’re always searching for new ways to collaborate, capture and visualize data in the simplest, most logical way. Our software Visavi LIVE is an all-in-one coordination and execution solution for complex operational workflows in any type of production facility. We believe that with the right technology there is no limit to what […]

    Visavi’s approach to COVID-19

    At Visavi, we are deeply concerned by the global outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 and we have taken all measures to maintain stable operations whilst safeguarding all our employees from getting and spreading the virus. Therefore, we do not expect any of our customers or solutions to be affected. We have taken precautionary measures as described […]

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