What is Visavi

Your operation.
All of it. Visualized.


Visavi software creates real-time visualization of all your operational workflows and streamlines them into one simple, human-centric interface. For any complex operation, in any industry.

Complex organizations have all invested heavily in work processes and software portfolios with ERP, planning, logistics and control of work systems. Visavi's role is not to replace these systems, but to create added value from the existing investments. Visavi connects existing data and work processes from the entire organization in a completely new way.


The Value of Visavi

  • Increase tool time by 20-30%

  • Reduce ad hoc work from 70 to 40%

  • Increase plan attainment to 80–90%

  • Improved HSE

Visavi gives you the full overview and is the natural information hub and arena for decision making for users across all levels and locations.

Our clients report significant savings and benefits.

Everyone sees the same picture enabling better decision-making. You will experience shorter and less frequent meetings and have more control of your operations. This results in increased productivity and reduction in cost.

Visavi has a unique user interface and offers a user experience encouraging collaboration.

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How to Use Visavi

Visavi pulls key data out of “silo” systems and integrates the data visually on a large touch screen for easy access and sharing. It gives you a complete overview of all pertinent details and makes coordination and collaboration simpler.

By integrating and visualizing all planned operations with interactive, instant updates, your business will be brought to the next level of efficiency.

How to Use LIVE

Killer Benefits

Holistic integration

Holistic integration

Overview over totality and dependencies with ability to integrate the work-order plan, asset plan, resources and constrains on the same surface.

Filtering panel

Filtering panel

Drill-down functionality giving clear overviews for specific work-orders, eg within an area, a discipline, a technical system or in a time period.

Work permits in area maps

Work permits in area maps

This gives you an overview of all areas where safety-critical operations are performed. Allows for shared situation awareness to help reduce HSE risk.

Rescheduling with scenarios

Rescheduling with scenarios

This makes it possible to move jobs and play with different scenarios while also visualizing resource constraints directly.

The Technology

Azure Cloud
Supporting both on and off premise.

Windows application
Deployable in any Windows compatible IT environment.

Flexible modules
Scalable and configurable to meet the needs of each customer within various industries.

Any data sources
Fetches data from any source type or infrastructure.

Touch screen
Designed for large touch screens with rich graphics and touch-optimized interaction.

Adaptable sources
Hosted in cloud-based technologies, or as self-hosted in a more traditional environment.

Creating Value for Clients

We’re hiring!

At Visavi Technology we’re always searching for new ways to collaborate, capture and visualize