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Visavi helps improve maintenance and operations for Neptune Energy

1. July 2021

Neptune Energy has been able to improve their workplace safety and achieve one of the most effective utilization rates in the North Sea with Visavi – even contributing to lower costs per barrel of oil.

“I’ll give you the data, you provide us with a solution,” says Erik Winge.

That was the first step in our collaboration with Neptune Energy; one of the leading, independent E&P-companies in the world. In fact, Visavi was co-developed with Neptune to realize their visions for becoming an industry leader in integrated planning. 

Visavi has now been live since 2015 at their operations in Gjøa, and we decided to have a talk with Erik Winge, head of the onshore operations center at Neptune, to find out how Visavi has affected the operations both on- and offshore.


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Improved safety

At Neptune, the main users for Visavi are first and foremost the platform management making sure the operations are as safe and effective as possible. But everyone onboard the platform has access to the solution, often checking in to get the full picture of what’s going on. 

“We’ve been working on building a culture where we emphasize following and believing in plans. With Visavi, we’ve provided our employees with live plans they can use in real time instead of plans that are outdated as soon as they’re printed.”

As Erik states, Neptune has created a proactive culture that sets the importance of coordinating themselves to the information that Visavi is visualizing. One of the benefits is that the situational awareness onboard the Gjøa-platform has been improved – leading to safer operations offshore.

“It’s really important for us that Gjøa is a safe place to work and everyone understands their part in the operations. With the help of Visavi, we’ve been able to reach our HSSE-goals by having no incidents or injuries onboard the platform.”


More efficient work day and improved utilization rates 

While maintaining safe operations, Neptune has been able to achieve one of the most effective tool time (meaning getting more done with the same resources) and utilization rates in the North Sea – with all beds utilized and an effective work time up towards ten hours a day for technicians. 

“We’ve been able to increase the tool time of our technicians, and that’s thanks to Visavi and the proactiveness it provides both our technicians and the platform management offshore,” Erik says.  

Having efficient operations is a solid starting point, as Neptune is currently executing three new tie-ins with close to 400 000 installation hours. This makes for an inherently complex planning process with many moving parts. 

Visavi makes the offshore operations a lot more accessible for everyone involved, as the solution  visualizes the data in real time, and provides a great overview of the situation at hand. This even includes vendors who access Visavi to find out when there’s available beds, checking their flight plans and getting insights into what's going on in the coming weeks.

“We’re constantly having a full house. By having the operations visualized in real time, it’s easy for everyone to spot opportunities for vendors, technicians and engineers to go offshore and visit the platform to get more done – making sure that we’re able to operate and produce at Gjøa, as well as getting ready to start up new fields.”


Adapting to every situation

Visavi has been a part of the Gjøa platform through the different operational stages; from starting up, with all its hiccups and challenges, all the way to normalized operations. 

“The solution paid off really fast, and it’s always been able to adapt to every situation we’re in,”

“If you have data, Visavi is the right company to bring you the full picture of what the data looks like when you merge and put them together with map dependencies. The solution gives an overview of what’s happening – and makes the data come alive.”

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