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Streamline operations and minimize risks with the use of intelligent visualization

28. November 2022

By integrating and visualizing all planned operations with interactive, instant updates, the oil and gas industry can save hundreds of millions.

- Visavi helps you increase the everyday efficiency and secures safe working conditions, says Visavi's VP of Product, Kenneth Ådalen.  

In 2021, a report of 8 Norwegian onshore oil & gas facilities from the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority stated that approximately 4,2 million working hours were directly attributed to maintenance, modifications, projects, and revision stops. Despite these huge efforts there is a significant backlog in the maintenance field.  

The report documents that the monthly average backlog for preventive maintenance amounts to about 50.000 hours per month, out of which 3-4000 hours are related to safety critical maintenance. The same numbers are seen for corrective maintenance.  

- For a full year, this means that there are over a million work hours of maintenance that are simply not done, says Energy Segment Director of Visavi, William Ford.  

Visavi is a solution for visualizing large and complex operations both onshore and offshore as well as for land-based process industry. Visavi integrates all relevant planning and execution data onto one intuitive and interactive game board, adding layers of live re-planning functionality, automated schedule optimization algorithms and much more.  

- By using Visavi, customers experience an improvement of more than 20 percent in their workday performance, says Ford.  

- For the eight facilities mentioned in the report (Hammerfest LNF, Kollsnes, Kåstø, Mongstad, Nyhamna, Slagen, Sture and Tjeldbergodden) this would mean gaining 850.000 working hours, equivalent of saving almost half a billion NOK, he adds.  


 Learn how Repsol Sinopec Resources UK has increased schedule attainment from 65% to 88% with the use of Visavi.




Where planning meets reality

Visavi offers a solution that significantly improves the workday efficiency. By reducing wasted time, optimizing resources, and increasing plan attainment, the staff can get more done and at the same time improve the situational awareness, raise the HSSE mindset and get a good overview over work permits and safety barriers.

- In addition to being a system for scheduling and planning, Visavi also supports the maintenance teams executing the work. With Visavi, everybody in the company has a live view of what is happening, says Ford.

- Visavi is more than just visualizing data. In Visavi you can interact and write data back into the source systems. Meaning you can update the integrated source systems in parallel directly from Visavi, which saves you a lot of time. This means that you can react quickly to changes, says Ådalen.

- In scheduling mode, we enable our customers to see the whole picture and potential consequences of moving tasks. Do they have the capacity needed? How does it align with other planned work? The status update mode shows which tasks are completed, which tasks are started, and which tasks are not started. We are also integrating AI functions to improve and optimize planning and execution of plans, he adds.

- Visavi is a non-intrusive system, Ford says.

- While installing Visavi, your staff can continue to use the existing systems in the background. Existing customers confirm that new users will learn to use Visavi in half an hour.


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