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Optimizing work practices for operations and maintenance 

We believe that with the right technology there is no limit to what we can accomplish when we are challenged, motivated and nurtured. We have made it our purpose to make operations and maintenance simpler, more efficient and more intuitive. Simplicity beats complexity.


With a human centered R&D approach, we improve operations and maintenance through the use of the right technology.


We create scalable technology with leading integration capabilities that can be uniquely tailored to our clients’ industries and operations.

And because the best technology demands the best talent, we only employ people who are exceptionally driven and trustworthy. We never compromise on quality when managing, developing and implementing our solutions.

Human Mind

Our culture and everything we do is focused on simplifying processes and operations that can be complicated to the human mind.

We always find new ways to collaborate, capture and visualize data in the simplist, most logical way.

And we do this through our relentless focus on human psychology and innovation.


Our solutions will have an impact on our customers’ business by improving overall daily operations and ultimately increasing output.

We work to be global, and through partners, we will become the go-to competence powerhouse for simplifying complex operations.

We are proud simplifiers creating operational change.

Our History

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Visavi is a spin-off company from the NTNU Research Centre of Integrated Operations and the Institute for Energy Technology.

Visavi is an outcome of world-leading research on visualization, collaboration and new work processes at the IO centre.

Established in November 2014, the company was founded by experts on advanced visualization and collaboration design for complex organizations from world-leading research communities.

Visavi has been funded and developed in collaboration with industry leaders.


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A key problem identified during this research was the lack of an intuitive and interactive collaboration tool to be used across the whole organization related to complex operations. While poor coordination is a well-known major cost driver in all complex operations, it was apparent that there was a significant unaddressed opportunity to create novel solutions beyond the scope of existing systems. 

Based on close collaboration with industry leaders, Visavi delivered the first MVP of the product in 2014 focusing on advanced visualization. A key goal was to make a product that was so simple and intuitive that it should take less then 60 seconds to learn new users how to use it.

The MVP is heavily based on interviews and observations of the targeted end-users live in action on site. What are their key problems during a shift? How do they respond when plans need to change? How to optimize the coordination needed to make changes in complex, integrated plans?


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Are Føllesdal Tjønn

CEO, Chief Executive Officer


Prior to joining Visavi December 2020, Are was CEO and founder of ix3 and previously CEO at DNV GL Software – growing the business internationally. Are has extensive experience in developing software and building software businesses as well as insight in the oil and gas, maritime and energy industries.

Are holds a MSc in Computer science and cybernetics from the University of Oslo, has additional education in business management, and has throughout his career enjoyed a diverse variety of leadership roles including board member and executive roles in Energy, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Software-, IT- and cyber security companies as well as consultancy and HR roles.

Anette Gulla Gran

CFO, Chief Financial Officer


Prior to joining Visavi April 2021, Anette held positions in BDO and Ambita. She has broad experience in financial auditing, accounting and project management. Throughout her career she has enjoyed implementing new systems and processes to ensure profitable growth. 

Anette holds a MSc in Finance from NHH and has additional education in commerce, management and strategy from BI Norwegian Business School. Previous roles include Associate, Business Developer and Senior Business Controller. In addition, she has held several board positions.

Øystein Veland

Vice President Partner and Customer Success


Øystein is one of the founders of Visavi and a specialist in user-centered design and evaluation of human-system interfaces for complex systems. 

Øystein holds a MSc in Engineering Cybernetics from Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU). His early career as a Research Scientist was focused on novel operator support tools and UX design methodologies in the oil & gas and nuclear industries. Following the establishment of Visavi, he has held various roles and been deeply involved in all the formative projects and industry collaborations that have shaped our current solution.

Kenneth Ådalen

Vice President Product


Kenneth joined Visavi July 2021. He has broad experience in working with product management from small startups to larger companies in the B2B and B2C segments. Kenneth‘s mantra is to know the root cause of the problems we are solving to create the best possible solutions.

Kenneth holds an Engineering degree in computer engineering from Høgskolen I Oslo. Previous roles include Product Manager, Development Manager, Web Developer, System Developer and IT Manager.

Petter Ekrann

Vice President Development


Petter joined Visavi September 2019. With more than 25 years of experience from the software industry, Petter has extensive experience from startups and large development environments, both inhouse and off/nearshoring.

Petter holds a degree in IT from University of Agder and Østfold University College. Previous roles include Head of Development, Solutions Architect, Lead Software Architect, Developer Manager and Techlead.



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At Visavi we’re always searching for new ways to collaborate, capture and visualize data in the simplest, most logical way.

We believe that with the right technology there is no limit to what we can do when we are challenged, motivated and nurtured.

Join us on our quest for simplicity!

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